TEDx Battenkill 2015 Speaker: Meet Tim Brookes – Vigilante of Endangered Alphabets


Tim Brookes is founder of the Endangered Alphabets Project, the author of 15 books, a longtime NPR essayist and director of the Professional Writing Program at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

TEDx Battenkill 2015 Talk Summary on Endangered Alphabets
The world has only about a hundred alphabets, and fully a third of them are nearing extinction, no longer taught in schools or used for official purposes, and in some cases suppressed or banned. Within two generations, a culture’s entire written heritage of sacred texts, historical documents, literature, legal documents–its accumulated wisdom–can be lost, and with it that culture’s sense of identity and value. Tim Brookes introduces some of the world’s most fascinating writing systems, explains how they come to be on the verge of extinction, and describes his efforts to preserve them.

All over the world, traditional alphabets are being suppressed or replaced by more global writing systems. When that happens, that culture loses its ability to read its own history, literature, and spiritual texts—loses its sense of its own identity and value.

Interested in preservation, sustainability, history, writing, the power of words, wood working art and more!? You’ll be fascinated by this presentation. Join us and get your ticket today for the Oct 3rd event.

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