TEDx Battenkill 2015 Speaker: Meet Brent Allen Winters – No Common Law, No Freedom

brent-allen-wintersBrent Allan Winters is an American geologist, common lawyer, author, and teacher. Brent grew up on a farm north of Moonshine, Illinois; served as diver, U.S. Navy Mobile Diving Unit 1 and aboard carrier USS Coral Sea; worked as a geologist and mine operator; and ran for U.S. Congress. Winters has briefed cases in the United States Supreme Court, argued before the jury and appellate courts (both State and Federal), and has represented clients in foreign countries. “Our common-law way of life and thought,” says Brent, “is not only the lifeblood and backbone of our U.S. Declaration of ’76 and Constitution, but is also the object of zeal that delivered our country to nationhood and remains the fellowship that defines Americans to the world.”

TEDxBattenkill 2015 Talk Summary on Common Law
The United States became its own country to keep its Constitution; at that time the unwritten tradition of common law and government protecting foremost one’s right to relationships (free association), to govern one’s self. But King George ignored that common law, conspired with his cronies (combined with others) to dominate the Colonists using civil law’s admiralty tribunals (a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution), and backed his cronies’ unconstitutional legislation (giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation). Unlike the common-law tradition, civil law spawns piles of legislation by decree, expanding state power, shrinking freedom.

The ideals of the Colonial’s unwritten Constitution (our common law) has become our Constitution written. As duty called the Colonist to keep his Constitution, it likewise calls you to foil those trying to displace it with acts of pretended legislation, such as bureaucratic decrees. The enemy’s weak point is his dull scorn for the common-law principles our Declaration reveals and our Constitution puts in order; your strong point is your sharpened esteem for these principles. Wielding these, you will strike to the enemy’s heart: his deep-seated contempt for the majesty of the laws of Nature’s God.

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